My Back Office Plus
Web Backoffice & Security Application
My Back Office Plus

My Back Office Plus introduces a central management and service provisioning platform that answers your needs as a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) targeting SMBs and vertical markets. It features an intuitive, Web-based user interface and uses robust and resilient architecture to support the management of up to tens of thousands of Check Point Safe@Office gateways. My Back Office Plus can easily be integrated with existing billing, CRM and other back-office systems to support existing business processes and provides a host of capabilities specifically tailored to increase your revenue with minimal administrative and support costs.

Key Benefits
• Creates new revenue opportunities
• Reduces administrative overhead to lower costs
• Supports existing business processes
• Enhances brand awareness
• Demonstrates added value
• Grows with your needs

Defining the RemoteApps Programs Source

Before users can use RemoteApp and Desktop Connection, the source for RemoteApps programs must be defined for an My Back Office Plus Web Access server. A RemoteApp source can be either of the following:

  • RD Connection Broker server
  • RD Session Host server or farm (with identically configured My Back Office Plus Session Host servers)